Who are Eco Energy Experts?

Hi, I’m Darren Gill, I founded Eco Energy Experts because I wanted to use my 10+ Years experience to educate people with an aim to eliminate fuel poverty in the UK. You can either watch the video here or read the article below to get more of a feel of what we do and why we do it!

It’s Eco Energy Expert’s mission to eliminate fuel poverty in the UK.

Darren Gill

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The Eco Energy Expert team have well over 50 years combined domestic heating & Energy Saving experience.

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Eligible for this FREE scheme? our experts will design and install free energy saving such as: Boiler, Loft Insulation etc.

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I Founded Eco Energy Expert’s to deliver energy savings to families across the UK

Having worked with larger firms, I’ve always wanted to start a business that put our customers first. This is more than a job to me, it’s my passion. I truly hope I and my team can help you save energy in your home with free energy saving measures.
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What’s on offer?

  • Free Boiler Customer Story:
    Mary Steele

  • Free Loft Insulation Customer Story:
    Caroline Philips

  • Free Cavity Insulation Customer Story:
    Ann Robinson

  • Free Cavity and Loft Insulation Customer Story:
    Hugh & Jean

  • Free Electric Heaters Customer Story:
    Ashley Sewell

  • Free Boiler Customer Story:
    Aisha Mahmood

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Satisfied Customers:

  • 5
    “We are very happy with the way that our new boiler was installed and very pleased with its efficiency this winter”.
    Mary Steele
    Free Boiler
  • 5
    "We were very satisfied with the entire process and the house feels much warmer."
    Caroline & Philip Williams
    Free Loft Insulation
  • 5
    "Really pleased with the work would definitely recommend u to family and friends, thanks again for the work."
    Aisha Mahmood
    Free Boiler & Loft Insulation
  • 5
    "I am happy to recommend this company to anyone who wants to insulate their home."
    Ann Robinson
    Free Cavity Wall Insulation

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